Transferable Vickers Machine Gun for sale

Transferable Vickers Machine Gun

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    Available for sale is one of the most complete ensembles of a

    Vickers in the USA. Let us review a bit of the history and use

    of the Vickers.

    A fellow named Maxim, based in London, was working on fully

    automatic weapons from the 1880’s. His first guns were

    chambered for the .577/.450 Martini Henry cartridge. Though

    he made them work, reliability was an issue due to the black

    powder “propellant” and the relatively poor state of cartridge

    case engineering. During this start up, Maxim was bankrolled

    by the Vickers Company.

    That all changed in 1888 when modern deflagrant so called

    “smokeless” propellants were perfected. With good

    ammunition, the Maxim came into its own. These guns

    became key in the European powers’ colonization of Africa.

    Among its first use in combat was in the Matabele War of 1893

    in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe); wherein Forbes, outnumbered

    over 10 to 1 by the Nbele army, credited his salvation to the

    Maxim machine gun.

    Maxim was probably not the greatest of businessmen and he

    was bought out by Vickers. They did a number of reliability

    improvements to the design and finally sold it to the British in

    1912. The Vickers was in service from then, through both

    World Wars, on up to 1968 in British service and into the

    1980’s in former British protectorates and colonies.

    The Vickers ensemble being offered includes:

    One Vickers Water Cooled Machine Gun

    One Tripod

    Note: complete with the gun control mechanism which

    we call a T&E (traversing and elevating) today.

    One Anti-aircraft Mount

    One spare barrel

    One spare feed block and bolt mechanism

    Eight cloth belts

    Three cans of .303 British ammunition

    Note: each can holds 250 rounds of ammunition, in cloth

    belts, manufactured for Jordan in the 1980’s and vacuum


    One conversion kit

    Note: this is a Vickers made feed block and bolt

    mechanism to convert the Vickers to 7.62x54mm Russian


    One extra barrel chambered for 7.62x54mm RR.

    Six ammunition cans for 7.62x54mm RR

    Note: each can has one 250 round, non-disintegrating

    metallic belt.

    Transport and training is available (additional fee).

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